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PRISM Snowsport Manufacturing

Project Type

Outdoor Gear Design

Design Brief:
Design and build a bespoke skisport manufacturing system that would elevate the experience from construction to customer.

This ski press is capable of withstanding the 40,000lbs of pressure needed to press a ski or snowboard. It features a welded steel frame with a laminated baltic birch plywood upper beam. The upper beam itself weighs close to 400lbs and is 15 inches thick. The lower jaw of the press is fully boxed steel surrounded in baltic birch plywood. The triangular retainers on either end are made of 1/4" 4x4 steel.
The air bladder is two sections of 8" firehose clamped on either end by angle iron.
The cat track below the bladder is 1" strips of maple held together by burlap.

In total, the press weighs about 1300lbs.

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