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DCM Route Run, Gore Range

June 18, 2021

It's not a birthday without a little suffering.

I started doing "sufferfests" for my birthday a few years prior when I realized how hedonistic it is to celebrate ones birthday by seeking the most amount of pleasure and decadence. I sought to be happy every year and yet, found myself as unhappy as could be. Enter the sufferfest. Now, I did not invent this. Plenty of other people do this as well and to a far more extreme/cooler degree than I.

I do however have some rules when it comes to the running sufferfests; Must run at least your age in miles; it must be hard; it must be cool; must not die.

This year I plotted a route from my house near Main street in Frisco, CO.

You run up Main street to the N. Ten Mile Trail and take it all the way to the Gore Range Trail.

Connect in the big open meadow with the Meadow Creek Trail and head left.

Climb up and over Eccles pass, and descend towards Red Peak.

Climb westward up to Red Buffalo pass.

Look left - that's Eagle County. Look Right - that's Summit County.

Follow the ridgeline scramble to the summit of Red Peak.

Once you summit, descend the north face through the Zodiac Spires and bushwhack your way to Willow lakes.

Figure out how to get onto to the Willow Lakes trail.

Run down the Willow lakes trail back to the Gore Range trail.

Take a right and follow the Gore Range Trail back to the Willow Falls Crossover where you turn left.

Climb up and make your way across the creek where you pick up the exit from Silver Couloir and run back to Ryan Gulch.

Run the trail past Lily Pad Lake and all the way down to the Meadow Creek trailhead off of I70 in Frisco.

Run across the highway and through town back to Main St.

Congrats. You did it.

For me, I got about 6700ft of vertical and just under 50k back to my house.

Because of the high altitude, this would be something that must wait until the snow is GONE. Like, actually gone.

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